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Blue Kisses: poetry

I’m covered in the scars you leave, 

The Wastelands and Burning Trails of Fire

Your kisses swallow me whole, and spit me out

with burns across my surface.

I’ll never be satiated

I’ll never leave your side.

You’re blue and green and angry and sweet.

Lapping at my corners,

pulling me in

And pushing me away.

I growl with dignity,

And grow smaller in your reach.

You spend all of the day, teasing me.

But at night, you pull away.

Cover me in blue kisses beneath the sweltering sun.

My skin is tanned by its relentless touch.

Batter at me with your strength,

Caress me in the gentle hours.

I am your mistress.

The moon is your real love.

But I will always be waiting,

The sandy shore, you always come back for.


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