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White Chicken Enchiladas from The Pioneer Woman/cooking website


I have a preference for fresh food, instead of canned.

There is nothing wrong with using Green Enchilada sauce for this recipe, at all. But you will be missing out on an orgasmic experience with the homemade sauce this recipe offers:

There is a reason I love this website. She uses pictures!! I however am using my cellphone camera, and cannot get the great angles in my small apartment kitchen. But my tiny space does not stop me from making these recipes! My husband btw LOVES this recipe.

Also, you can easily cheat as I did and use a roast chicken from the grocery store. This recipe can take all night, and it is a lot faster this way. 🙂 I have made the chicken fresh, and there is no taste difference.


Although, I make some distinct changes. For the filling, I add in diced mushrooms and sliced olives. I also like adding heavy whipping cream to the sauce, it makes it smoother, and easier to cover all of the enchiladas.


There is my little helper/vacuum. He really wants some, which he got when I was stirring a little vigorously with the whisk. lol

SIDE NOTE: I LOVE SAUCE. I love extra sauce on my pasta, my enchiladas, I love a lot of liquid on my food. I am weird this way, the more the better. So ignore my portions if you like it sparse just for the flavor. 🙂

Plus, these heat up great for leftovers!


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