I started this blog a year ago! How crazy, and I made regular posts, about cooking, my novels, and my daily life. Then, I found out I was expecting!


First came the awful morning sickness, and in that first trimester I lost all will to do extra things. So this blog fell by the way side… But now my daughter is 3 months old! And I am a stay-at-home Mom/Wife. This blog will still be about cooking, and some of my writing, but now it will include baby/pregnancy advice, weight loss ideas, quick hacks and baking!

There will be some days I will not be able to add posts, but most of the time I should be able to. My baby girl is such a good baby! 🙂

Last night, I started my first foray into baking, and I LOVED IT!! I started with homemade cinnamon rolls. I found a fantastic quick and easy recipe at the Minimalist Baker. It was mostly vegan, but I added a maple flavored frosting from The Pioneer Woman. As I have more time to cook/bake, I will post some recipes that I have created or altered.

I’m looking forward to cooking, baking, and talking to you!


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