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Where I’ve Been Part 1

It’s been more than 2 years since I last posted. I was a stay at home mom, happy to cook, bake, and play with my 3 month old daughter.

I was trying to get back in the swing of writing. I, like most of my generation, are over-sharers. I’m not quite sure what provokes us to provide every insignificant detail of our lives, but usually there is an audience for it.

Let’s go back in time… September 2015, my husband stops being scheduled at his construction job… *I’ll admit I’m bitter about this because my father was the one who got him this job. It becomes obvious there are no jobs available with his skill sets and I have to go back to work.

I find a job and start in October. It doesn’t pay well, but it’s full-time and provides an income. I instantly hate it. I cannot even describe how much I hated that job, and I only worked there for 2 months. I can explain that it was the environment I hated the most. I was being trained by a girl who should not train others. I used to provide training at my job in San Diego, and I know a little about providing an ear for your employees.

I was terrified of this woman and I made mistakes left and right because I felt I could not ask her questions. I couldn’t do everything right, and I toughed it out because we needed the money. My husband was staying home with our daughter and I was insanely jealous. Before I had my daughter, it had been decided I would stay home with her.

I had been working a rough pace job before and had been at their mercy while heavily pregnant and emotional… And here I was again. Working hard while my husband got to stay home with my daughter, pumping breast milk in an office while my breasts ached.

If you’ve ever breastfed, it’s SOO MUCH EASIER WHEN THE BABY DRINKS STRAIGHT FROM “TAP”. Pumping is AWFUL and draining and I hated it.

I toughed it out for 2 months, but the strain on myself was becoming evident… I started crying on the way home, my anxiety was through the roof and I felt ill when I’d get up in the morning. On that final week, I sent an email to a job posting on Craigslist for an admin assistant 2 miles from where I was living. I replied, got a phone call, and made an interview for the next week.

That Monday morning, I quit without 2 weeks notice. I couldn’t even stomach working there for another day. I placed all of my bets on this new job, and luckily it paid off…

I’ll continue this at a later date… 2 years is a long time to catch up on!


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