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Mommy Body

What the f*ck is a mommy body?

I’ll explain… It’s a term somebody wrote once upon a time about a woman who had children.

The end…

Whoops, I forgot the part where the woman carried a baby for 9 months and had debilitating nausea, horrific heartburn, and paralyzing pain.

On top of REALLY painful breasts. Nobody else’s breasts went up two cup-sizes and couldn’t wear a bra?? It was a LOT of fun. Let me tell you!

Anyways, “mommy body” covers all manners of transgressions. Stretch marks (GASP), saggy breasts, larger nipples, puffy tummy, and you know… the weight you gain during pregnancy.

Now, you don’t have to gain a ton of weight during pregnancy. In fact, your doctor will recommend you watch how much you eat. Turns out, you only need 300 extra calories per day. So put away that tub of ice cream!

*Or eat it if you are NOT at risk for gestational diabetes! I’m not here to tell you how you live your life.

I’m here because it pisses me off when people judge a mother for carrying a child!

Actually, I’m irritated when ANYBODY judges somebody else’s body. I was lucky enough to drop all of my ice cream-doughnut pregnancy weight. Don’t you judge me! I swear my daughter was kicking my stomach every morning saying: “Buy the dozen doughnuts, it’ll be the most orgasmic feeling today!”

She was right.

Anywhooo… your body is yours alone. Whether you have a mommy body, doughnut body, Starbucks body, or ice cream body. *Have I mentioned my sugar addiction? I’m working on it.

I’m proud of my body. It looks a bit different than before I had my daughter, but I feel comfortable in my skin. And I visit the gym because I ENJOY IT. But we’ll talk gym another time!

Just to show you how comfortable I am, here’s me! *I won’t post my face or my daughter’s for multiple reasons.



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