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Where I Am Now…

mediaIf you’ve read my 3-Part Series catching you up on the last two years of my life… hooray! If not, it’s all good. I hold no grudges.

I’m currently going through my divorce, still living with my parents in Southern California…. do you know how expensive it is here?!?!

Anyways, my dream has started to become a reality. My boss hired me on for full-time. I only have to work one job, my daughter’s daycare is close by, and I can still go to the gym a couple times a week… If I wake up on time. I’m not perfect… and I am NOT a morning person. I’m more of a, “Let’s stay in bed until 12 watching Netflix, then grab a big breakfast.” Emphasis on BIG. I love eating.

Anyways… now that we’ve caught up on my life. This blog will be about me.

-Dealing with divorce and a toddler. (Always fun).

-Going to the gym. (How do you build up the confidence to go into the weight room?)

-Being a single mother – Dating/Sex. (Fuck dating for now, but I’ll share my insight…)

-Writing (this is me writing… unless somebody has invaded my brain…but that’s another story)

-Cooking! (just kidding, my mom won’t let me cook. And no I’m not joking. I’m actually a capable cook, and she kicks me out of the kitchen every time I try.) But I’ll share the recipes I love anyways!

-Working and finding joy in life!


Have I forgotten anything? You’ll remind me, won’t you?


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