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Leftovers – Live with them, Love them

As I’ve written in earlier posts… I’m cutting some habits out of my life. Frivolous food spending is my biggest offender – and plastic.

Ironically, these two go hand in hand! You know what’s wasteful? Picking up a sushi box at the grocery store. The plastic the individual roll comes in, the singular soy sauce packet, and cheap chopsticks you throw away after one use. It’s also expensive, no matter how delicious and somewhat addicted I am! *The grocery store near me makes them right in front of you!

So not only am I paying money for a food item covered head to toe in throwaway plastic… It never fills me up enough. Simultaneously I would pick up a Starbucks venti iced chai, plastic cup, plastic straw. And whatever other snacks I would be craving that day.

I could spend upwards of $15 a day on food and drinks! My wallet and waist were lamenting while my reward center said: MORE!

I live with my parents, and they don’t require me to pay for groceries. I pitch in whenever they let me, but they want me to save my money… Instead, I’ve been spending it on food and entertainment! In April, I spent $1,200 on ENTERTAINMENT AND FOOD. WTF.

Usually, I’d cut back for a couple of days, then go back to my bad habits. Mostly because I hate certain leftovers… But now, I’m tightening my belt and my wallet – and eating leftovers. These things ARE FREE FOR ME.

Not all leftovers are created equal. I can munch on any pasta the next day, and happily! Roast chicken and mashed potatoes heat up quite nicely, and most soups do, too!

But I have a cravings issue – and mostly, a snacking issue. I like to snack throughout the day. I find myself picking up chips, candy, and other tidbits to keep me munching… I have no idea why I’m like this. But I’m trying to change!

The frugal month, was to stop me from spending money, and leftovers are the best way! Also, I’m not using plastic forks, spoons, or chopsticks to consume my food. I use tupperware, and it isn’t individually wrapped in plastic!

I use my stainless steel cup for my coffee – usually homemade! and my water bottle for refills at the office. I stay hydrated, full, and happy! **I did buy a couple snacks – like raw almonds and dried figs. Those together are DELICIOUS. Healthier, tiny bit expensive, but bought in bulk – cuts down on the plastic used.

I’ve heard soap and shampoo bars are a similar thing! No plastic bottles, you get more uses and it’s great for your body/hair!

What other ways do you have to cut back on spending and plastic? Let me know!


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