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Why Crave – Cut Back

I get the worst cravings – and they won’t leave me alone for WEEKS!2018-05-08_12-12-48

But seriously, why do we crave foods? Biology says we’re missing certain nutrition in our diet… so my need to consume all chocolate chip cookie dough shakes is because I’m low on…..cookie dough? Cookie dough’s a vitamin, right? Better than vitamin D. 😉

Just kidding, I’m always vitamin D deficient – the kind you make in the sunlight or with fortified milk, not the fun kind.

Anyways… I’m sitting at work, after yesterday’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Milkshake mania. I must have said those words in my head yesterday at least TEN TIMES. I had to literally argue with myself about it!

You didn’t want this, but here’s how my argument went!

Me: “I want a chocolate chip cookie dough milkshake”

Me: “You don’t need a chocolate cookie dough milkshake. We are trying to save money, and you’re doing a frugal month challenge.”

Me: “But I want a chocolate cookie dough milkshake. It sounds delicious, and what’s $4-5 anyways? We’ll make it back!”

Me: “Our biggest issue has been spending little bits of money, but it’s adding up in the end! We spent $1,200 last month on $4-5 purchases!”

Me: “You bought clothes, a new coffee cup and dinner…”

Me: “THAT WAS LAST MONTH, THIS IS NOW! Also, those dresses have been amazing, and I’ve used the coffee cup INSTEAD of Starbucks multiple times – it’s basically paid for itself! NO COOKIE DOUGH MILKSHAKE!”

Me: “Awe, man.”


Apart from the disturbing conversation I had…with myself. I came to a point in my mind where it was like: NO. I know the cravings are strong, but YOU ARE STRONGER. And for once… I was. It felt good. I picked up my daughter who then demanded chips for about five minutes before she relented to eat ALL OF THE CHEERIOS I had in my car.

Three year olds, they will break you!

But today, I’m craving something salty and carby (carby is not a word, but pretend it is). Top of my mind: A cheeseburger or french fries, or texas toast from Raising Canes – bc holy fuck is it delicious!

Before you make the comment; “Are you thirsty?” I drink upwards of 100 oz of water, a day, already! I can chug water like it’s cool. And my first instinct, is to drink water to trick myself. But my body is smarter, like “eff you lady, we’re not thirsty. WE WANT CARBS!”

I want to order some fried pickles and a chocolate chip cookie dough milkshake… Because I’m an adult and I have a debit card. And I’m not afraid to use it!

But I’m trying to be better – but holy bejesus is it tough!

And yes, my chocolate cookie dough milkshake craving isn’t gone. It’s only temporarily appeased. It comes back…

But I’ll sit here, without my junk food and with my money. Breathing through my nose and trying to meditate past the cravings.

Anyone have any tried or true methods to not give in?


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