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Frugal Month – Check In

It’s almost the end of the month, and I looked back on my spending… I am not doing as well as I had hoped.

I started out really strong, and I think what made this harder this month was it was my boyfriend’s birthday – I had already promised to take him out. Mother’s day – bought my mom a nice present. And I finally got my tattoo cover up I’ve wanted for YEARS. This month I’ve managed to save money, but it’s only because I received my tax season bonus… So…

This month was a wash-out. I am proud of myself for cutting back significantly on my spending. I see some more areas to improve for myself, and I think I’ll be doing another challenge to push myself farther.

I started this challenge because I want to live up to my full potential. I want to be better than I’ve been in the past. I am always rewarding myself with food and things. But do these things actually make me happy?

I have made some purchases where the items truly made me happy – my to-go cup, my two dresses I’ve bought off Amazon (and LOVE), I bought myself an arm band for my phone so I can work-out. *I thought about quitting my gym membership because it’s an extra expense…but I actually enjoy the gym. Frugality isn’t about denying yourself – it’s about removing the excess you don’t need.

I think I’m determining what’s important in my life, versus what I thought I wanted, and didn’t necessarily need. Guess what! I made a list of the things I truly enjoy, that require money. 🙂

  1. Date Nights – This takes money – it used to cost me SO MUCH MONEY because of a babysitter plus the cost of eating out or doing things. *I always offer to pay, and usually end up paying… I’m weird, I know. Now, my boyfriend’s mom happily watches my daughter while we get a night out to ourselves. Last week we went out for dinner with my friends and had a blast! But dinner was expensive. I think we should stick to experience over food!
  2. Starbucks with friends – I haven’t gone walking with my friend in forever, but this is one of our traditions. We grab Starbucks and take our toddlers for a walk in their strollers. Sadly, my daughter is too rambunctious for her stroller and wants to walk herself. Pretty soon I’ll have to give up her stroller! 😦
  3. Gym – There’s something about my music in my ears, using some of the machines I know, and zoning out. I truly enjoy exercising, the strain on my body, the sweat, and the sore feeling the next day. The gym is also a lot cheaper than taking monthly classes. If I go more than a couple times a month…it starts to pay for itself! And it helps me be a better mother.
  4. Activities – going to the movies, playing pool in a pool hall, mini-golf. There are cheap and fun activities you can do! There’s dollar theaters, you can play pool in bars that don’t require a ton of money to play (as long as you drink responsibly), mini-golf is pretty fun and inexpensive as well! Go during the week when there’s not huge crowds. And cheapest of all – hiking or camping! 🙂 There’s spots near me that it’s free to hike and very cheap to camp. Luckily my family has all of the necessities to do both.

What expenditures are important to you?



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