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By The Wayside

Wow, have I completely forgotten about you!It’s not you, it’s me. It’s my life going on the fast train to my future! And it was also me focusing inward and deciding on what I want from my life.

I also got super lazy because work was slow and I could find NO motivation to do anything. I work better with tight deadlines and fast paced. The second everything slows down, I start checking Facebook FOR NO REASON AT ALL.

Why are we so obsessed with social media? I spent twenty minutes idolizing somebody else’s life because she’s traveling, doing things with her friends, looking flawless af…

I never look flawless. Even before I was a mother, I’m a tee-shirt and jeans kinda girl. I like comfort over cute. Every time I wear “cute”, I reach back for my jeans and my comfort because EFF YOU CUTE ROMPERS. Who the hell actually enjoys those things?! Do I just have the wrong body type? Cause I’m telling you, that thing rides up my ass and is not comfy no matter what I do.

I digress, per usual. I was getting upset with myself over FACEBOOK. Over a life I had once imagined for myself but never materialized because I was lazy. I like to blame it on my ex-husband, but let’s be real…. I married him in the first place. If I hadn’t, and I’d focused on my life goals; travel, career, and enjoying life, maybe life would have been different.

And then I did something important. I went to my Facebook page and went back through the last year. I saw moments with my daughter as she posed with her apple cider for Christmas Lights.


She is flawless, yo. And yes, she posed like that without any instruction from me!

I saw my posts about nothing BIG or EARTH-SHAKING, but I’m happy. I went to the gym, I ran two 5k’s, I learned my daughter says HILARIOUS things (but you CANNOT laugh at her – she gets very offended), I went to Lake Tahoe and got to dip into the water and learned I love lakes! Kayaking, swimming, lounging – love it! Can’t wait to return.


My year was full of little moments that while might not be Instagram model material – let’s face it, I’m just NOT. I was happy. And I loved nearly every minute of it.

DO NOT MAKE CHILDREN IF YOU ARE CONTROL FREAKS, GOOD LORD THREENAGER WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME. Just kidding, but for real, 3’s are rough. I’m hoping 4’s get better. But who am I kidding?

Also, since this is a financial page – I am still on track to Save/Pay down debt. My boyfriend and I are planning on moving in together after tax season and I’m HAPPY.

I’ll try to keep this more updated, and include more financial tips/tricks I’ve learned along the way that have benefited me!

Jumping into the New Year with hope and love.



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