About Me

4 years ago, I started this blog for cooking tips – I was married, working hard as a customer service supervisor, and thought my life was good!

I was wrong.

My job stressed me out to the point I had to go on anti-depressants, my marriage was falling apart, and I was unhappy. I bought food and things to reward myself and make myself feel better. My drug of choice: Starbucks. I kept buying myself more and more things, thinking money would make me happier. But it wasn’t.

I had to make myself happy. I started working out, cutting back on bad food, visiting the doctors more regularly to make myself healthier (going on anti-depressants saved me from constant panic attacks from stress).

I visited a chiropractor to fix my neck and hips, and I suddenly started feeling…good. Then, I got pregnant. I took a hard look at my marriage and our finances – and it wasn’t looking good. But I buckled down, and attempted to fix where things went wrong.

I managed to pay off some debt, try to reconnect with my husband, and we got ready to welcome our daughter into the world.

I’ll save you the full sob story.¬†Having my daughter, made me realize I wanted more from my life. I wanted her to see her mother as HAPPY. And I wasn’t. Everyday I realized my marriage was not at all what it should be – and I’ve shared this in some posts if you’d like to find my Where I’ve Been Series.¬†

I made the tough choice to divorce my husband, live with my parents, and save up for my future. (I also decided to stay at my job even though I could make more money somewhere else, this job makes me happy!)

Now, let’s discuss WHY I’m writing this blog. I’m going to write a list! *I love lists*

  1. I want to share my experiences and how I’ve overcome it.

Short list, I know. I have been at the bottom of financial disaster – nearly homeless. And now I’m on my way up. I want to share my real-life tricks on how to get better with money and overcome HORRIBLE credit.

And, in the meantime – find purpose! Making less money, and using it correctly, is making me happier. What makes you happy?